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  • Utilities industry
  • Agility / Scrum
  • Strategy
  • Business models
  • Portfolio management
  • CRM

Jonas Kielmann

Prior to joining consistency, I had the opportunity to prove my analytical skills as a strategy consultant, to structure complex problems and to build extensive knowledge in business model development and portfolio management.

In consulting work it is critical to put the client first. You must consistently consider challenges from their perspective and then develop solutions that will improve their situation sustainably. Determination and perseverance are required. In the end, the focus is always on the person, who has to be valued and convinced.

As an industrial engineering graduate, I especially guide companies from the utilities industry in the transition to agile ways of working and support management in setting the necessary course of action.

Colleagues and client teams know me as a humorous person, who tackles his tasks with discipline and precision. Outside of my job, physical fitness plays an important role in my everyday life. I am also happily married and the proud father of three children.

“Hang tough, never ever give up!“

Maj. Richard D. Winters