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  • Agile methods
  • Human resource development
  • Utility industry



Marius Kukkel

Only if you constantly set yourself new tasks, you can develop further. This conviction led me to management consulting. The approach of consistency, mastering tasks in a team, passing on knowledge and not just being a service provider, but a reliable partner for customers, inspires me.

Our working environment has never changed so quickly as it does today. We are all confronted with these changes every day, both privately and professionally. Meeting the challenges of digital change and mastering them together with our customers motivates me. As a social scientist, I recognise structures that determine processes in companies. I can analyse them and understand what determines what happens in organisations. This enables me to optimise processes and, by teaching modern management methods, support employees in their projects in the best possible way and help them achieve their goals.

Sport, especially football, my friends, relaxation while watching movies and good music give me the necessary energy for my professional tasks.

Those who act while others are still talking are a great step ahead in life.

John F. Kennedy