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  • Agile methods (Scrum)
  • Industrial and trading processes
  • Utilities industry



Marlon Grey

Through my dual studies in international industry and trade management, I am very familiar with the processes and actions of industrial companies. I was particularly struck by the inertia with which industrial companies operate in an increasingly fast-changing and disruptive environment. With my work at consistency, I want to help our clients successfully manage the paradigm shift away from hierarchical, monotonous process management towards an agile corporate culture that puts people first. It is ultimately the people who generate value for the company and who have to react quickly and adaptively to changes.

As a consultant, I have the ambition to drive the agile transformation in the company in such a way that a noticeable added value is created for the entire organisation. The solidarity that consistency stands for and a team that is deeply convinced of agile values motivate me to give my best every day.

My semester abroad in Buenos Aires helped me to focus on improving our environment and to acquire extensive knowledge in the utilities industry. As a handball player, I also know how important a well-attuned and well-functioning team is for mutual success. In addition, I am an enthusiastic football fan of my hometown Dortmund and I enjoy travelling with my girlfriend as well as with friends.

“The core of a man’s spirit comes from new experiences

Christopher McCandless