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Elias Schneider

Through our consulting work, I understand the reservations and doubts in companies when it comes to the introduction of agile ways of working. However, through concrete application, it is always possible to quickly convince everyone involved of the advantages of self-organized and self-determined work: iterative and transparent work processes, fast results and continuous feedback bring flow and energy to the teams. Overall, agility promotes the courage to let go of old structures and get involved in something new.

As an industrial engineer and city planner, I like to look at the big picture. That’s why I’m very familiar dealing with complex environments and interactions – and I really enjoy uncovering new paths for our clients.

As a member of the German Alpine Club, I enjoy exploring remote destinations. And, as a partner of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, I know first-hand what a well-rehearsed team is capable of achieving.

“You only get to know the good helmsman in a storm.”