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  • Agile Transformation and Organisational Development
  • Data Warehouse und Business Intelligence
  • Coaching in Agile Methods
  • Program and Project Management
  • Change Management


Julian Vincentz

My enthusiasm for working at consistency is based primarily on the human component. I enjoy working with various kind of people, supporting the customer and employees, working out topics together in a team and thus promoting the sense of community as well as fun at work. In addition, I am a friend of new challenges, environments, subject areas and acquaintances. That’s why the varied work at consistency fulfils me.

After completing my Master’s degree in International Management in the Netherlands, I moved to Chicago. I supported German companies enter the US market and was able to experience my interest in dealing with cultural differences for the first time in practice. My conclusion, no matter what the problems are, through open and transparent communication and mutual trust, most obstacles can be cleared out of the way.

I describe myself as a positive and open person. I enjoy adventures, whether it’s extraordinary travel, bungee jumping, skydiving or an overnight stay in the Sahara. My desire to travel has already taken me to all continents of the world except Antarctica – but this is definitely among one of my next destinations. Through daily sports, I find the perfect balance to an eventful working day.


Remind yourself to be grateful for how good you‘ve got it relative to so many others, and realize that life is pretty fantastic after all. Imagine that!

Dave Kerpen