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  • Operational Excellence
  • Leadership
  • Reorganization
  • Governance & Lean Regulation


Michael Siegmund

What makes some companies more successful than others? For 20 years I have been dealing with this question as a consultant, manager in large corporations and company founder – in dozens of managed and hundreds of accompanied projects.

Result: There are (unfortunately) no patent remedies or “magic bullets” with a guarantee of success. But there is a clear connection: successful projects and companies are usually those which take the human factor and the individual context into account. Because no matter whether it’s digitization, increased efficiency, service quality or product development – behind all challenges that are important for companies are people who master them.

This is where my passion for developing and introducing framework conditions for companies arose, which enable employees to develop their full potential. For example with:

  • Strategy and leadership that convinces and inspires,
  • agile and classic project management, which structures and motivates,
  • Organizational structures and processes that reduce complexity,
  • internal rules and regulations that provide orientation and help,
  • Innovation processes that give freedom and encourage individual initiative.

At the moment, companies can and must reposition themselves with new way of working, agility and digitalization. In doing so, they not only have the opportunity to significantly improve working conditions, but also to become significantly more productive. To be able to not only give advisory impulses in this development, but also to actively participate in its introduction, always fills me with joy and pride.

People do not reject change and achievement. Instead they reject gridlock. Or do you prefer traffic jams to the fast lane?

George Kohlrieser, Leadership Professor and former Hostage Negotiator