Customer-centricity and development of new ideas

When developing new products and business models, it is important to create space for innovative thinking and customer-centered action. According to studies, only 10% of all companies reach the age of 10 years. Organizations often fail because they are too attached to their existing product portfolio and are focused on making incremental improvements.

While this approach is important for optimizing the return on investment, it is also important to recognize current events, future trends and changes in customer needs and to translate these into new offerings in order to establish a long-term presence in the market.

It is essential to apply modern, customer-centered and proven methods, which are understood, internalized and reproduced, specifically to your company-specific situation. We help you to identify implicit customer needs and to align existing and new business models in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

In our training courses on innovation methods, you will learn how to identify implicit customer needs as a team using creative techniques and approaches such as prototyping and how to align existing and new business models to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. We show you how to obtain regular and early feedback in order to proactively respond to changing circumstances.

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