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About us

Strategy and Agile expertise – consistent results

Since 2008, consistency has been a consulting partner for national and international companies in multiple sectors. We support our clients with diverse, international consulting and technical expertise.

In addition to our industry and operation-specific services, particularly for the energy industry, our cross-sector expertise lies in the enablement and implementation of agile projects and corporate transformations.

By closely collaborating with our clients on strategic challenges, we help to define new operating models, functional excellence and implement tailor-made solutions. When it comes to implementing sustainable change and increasing our clients’ efficiency, our approach helps teams and organizations boost clients’ agility and capacity for innovation in today’s rapidly-shifting world.

Our Consulting Approach

Joint Success Drives Us

Prerequisites for competitive advantages and sustained growth are flexibility, efficiency, and innovation. Strengthening these success factors for our clients drives our work.
As an experienced management consultancy, we combine performance and methodological competence with entrepreneurial commitment and reliable collaboration. We take responsibility for the goals, tasks and value adding processes of our clients. This results in acceptance and trust which are key components of long-term success.
At consistency, agile management is not only our core methodical competence. Agility also influences the way in which we carry out the tasks entrusted to us. This mindset ensures our quality of collaboration and delivery of tailored solutions.
We are agile throughout – in services, processes and structures.

Our Values

With Total Conviction

It may sound cliché, but for us, our values are the foundation of success. We accompany customers in an open and solution-oriented manner to enable todays efficiency and tomorrow’s success, while preserving the team spirit that drives extraordinary achievements.

We Stand for Agility

We are true persuaders of agile methods and processes. This is because, despite some hurdles, we experience time and again how better solutions can be developed in less time. Furthermore, we witness how employees, teams and whole units find new energy and joy in working together.

We Ensure Stability

If agility is the answer to complex tasks in dynamic markets, then stability is the overarching goal of our work. In times of permanent change, safety, reliability and sustainability are important constants for our clients – and our client’s customers.

We Foster Partnership

Joint achievement of defined targets and shared responsibility for the success of the project is essential for us. And because trust is the foundation of any good partnership, open communication and honest feedback are a must – this way, everyone pulls on the same rope.

We Are A Close Partner

No two projects are alike – that is why we work with our clients to develop the perfect approach. Proven methods, many years of experience and intensive inquiries help us to understand clients’ goals correctly and implement them with tailor-made solutions.

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