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  • Systemic coaching
  • Agile methods
  • Leadership culture
  • Feedback processes
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Corporate culture



Karolin Oertzen

In everyday life, we often act out of habit. Only with a “step back” it can be recognised that a different way of acting may be necessary in order to achieve a goal. I enjoy supporting people in this step and giving them a new perspective on a situation.

As a psychologist, I am inspired by people and their motivation to perform at their best. Successful change processes require employees who enjoy working in their company and who identify with it.

Through our work with agile methods, a transparent process is created where, as a result of direct feedback processes, everyone remains on the same common path. The resulting flexibility and independence of teams lead to the adaptability of changing circumstances. This is how motivation and quality are created.

Being with my family and my friends is where I find my personal inspiration for my daily tasks. I also find balance in baking and good music.

“Old ways won’t open new doors”

Author unknown