Our contribution to sustainable development

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations define 17 goals that build on the principle of “leave no one behind” and set an agenda to achieve sustainable global development for every person on the planet by 2030. consistency wants to be part of this movement and use its core competencies to actively contribute and shape a more sustainable and people-centred society. We also want to inspire our network of partners and clients to also actively contribute to sustainable development.

Experience has taught us that sharply focusing on a few essential goals is indispensable in order to achieve them and to be able to act in a target-oriented manner. Therefore, we have chosen three SDGs which we believe we can contribute the most on, based on our expertise:

SDG 4 eng

Increase quality of education

… because we know from our expertise that quality education and lifelong learning are the key to sustainable progress and success.

SDG 10 eng

Reduce inequalities

… because it is at the core of our identity that every person is treated equally and we practice this principle on a daily basis.

SDG 13 eng

Tackle climate change

… because we bear responsibility for our footprint and want to take the chance we are given to make an active contribution to achieving global climate goals.

Establish climate protection and renewable energies

Internally, we are working on and monitoring the topics of climate protection and renewable energies in two task forces: Firstly, with an ecological vision as a central pillar, the Make-a-Difference guild has implemented initial steps to become a green consultancy in cooperation with other participants. Secondly, the Future Energy team has set itself the goal of actively contributing to a sustainable energy transition.

Reduce CO2 emissions

The CO2 compensation of our emissions, e.g. caused by our business trips, and the promotion of public transport are central measures of our Carbon Reduction Strategy.

Promote environmental awareness

Through discussions, exchanges and lectures, we raise awareness of climate protection and the need to act.

Spread carbon literacy

As part of the Carbon Literacy project, consistency has already achieved Bronze status and is continuing its journey to Platinum status.

If you would like to find out more about our sustainability ambitions, please do not hesitate to...