Hybrid Remote Work

The New Normal

The World of Work has changed dramatically over the past years and even more so over the past few months. The COVID19 pandemic, but also factors like a trend toward urbanisation, a hyperconnected workforce and the increasingly globalised labour market have led firms to rethink the way they collaborate:

Working hours are becoming more flexible and employees are free to choose to work from the office, home or elsewhere.

The shift towards a Hybrid Remote Workplace does not come without its challenges – we’re here to assist you!

Why consistency? Because we live Hybrid Work!

At consistency

We have lived Hybrid Remote Work since Day 1.
Everyone is free to work from home or come to the office.
Sprint Events are held on site and online.
Employees can take part in all events online.
All information is available online.
Choice of residence is left up to each employee.
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At our customers

We develop concepts for remote and hybrid cooperation.
We set up and empower teams to work remotely.
We work in hybrid and remote teams with our clients.
We give remote trainings and workshops to distributed teams.
We moderate remote events and meetings.
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And why should you care?​


The amount that employers can save on average per employee anually by creating more flexible schedules.

(IWG Global Workplace Survey, 2019)


The percentage of respondents confirm that productivity has increased in their business as a result of greater flexibility for employees.

(Forbes / BCG)


The percentage of respondents feel that the ability to work remotely reduces their stress and improves their well-being.

(Owllabs, State of Remote Work, 2019)

How can you set up a successful Hybrid Remote Work concept? ​

There are three main aspects to consider...​

To assist you, we offer a wide range of Services to choose from ...​

... from getting to know Hybrid and Remote Work to implementing a sustainable new work environment​

Awareness Training

Not sure yet what Remote Work is and how it affects our daily work life? Try our Remote Work Awareness Training!​


In an interactive workshop, we work out together all relevant criteria that your company should consider when introducing Remote Work. ​


Together, we will develop a tailor-made concept for your company, taking all relevant factors into account, so that you can independently roll it out internally.​

Pilot Phase​

We help you to choose a department suitable for piloting the concept and accompany them along the journey.​

Sustainable Implementation​

We support you in the implementation of a jointly developed and tested concept in various roles to ensure a sustainable implementation of the new way of working.​

Get in touch with us!​

Together we will create the workplace of the future, adapted to your culture and needs!

Get in touch with us!​

Together we will create the workplace of the future, adapted to your culture and needs!