Digital Awareness

Target Group

Individuals who approach the topic of digitisation from different perspectives and wish to acquire relevant basic knowledge in order to penetrate the depth of the subject of digitisation.

Training Contents 

Origins of digitisation: Being able to trace developments into the digital age

Digitisation today: Understanding the meaning and implications of digitisation today / internalising the difference between digitisation, digital change and digital transformation

Digital organisations: Getting to know digital trends and being able to assess them with the help of set criteria / understanding application scenarios of digital trends in companies

Digitisation initiatives: Learn to strategically evaluate and build digital initiatives / gain insight into the successful implementation of digital initiatives

General Information

   Duration: 3 x 3 hours

   Capacity: 10 – 14 participants

   Location: At your company site or at one of our training locations (Birmingham, Düsseldorf, Essen, Berlin, München, Wien)

   Format: Onsite training or online webinar

   Prior knowledge: None

Trainer Profiles

consistency is an accredited training partner of the certification institute PROVEN AGILE. In addition to each training course, we provide our participants with the opportunity to obtain the corresponding certification from PROVEN AGILE.

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