Agile Awareness

Target Group

Executives, employees and people who want to foster change towards developing agile working methods and organizations step by step.

Training Content 

VUKA World: Understanding the significance of VUCA for our lives

Agility vs. Waterfall: Using agile vs. “waterfall” project management methods

Iterative work: Working in self-organized teams and testing the opportunities of iterative development

Agile values and principles: Adapting Agile Values and Principles

Agile methods: Getting to know the core aspects of selected agile methods (Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking)

Product Ownership: Learn the basics of agile product development

General Information

  Duration: 1 Day

  Capacity: 10 – 14 Participants

  Format: Training On-Site or Online Webinar

  Location: On site at your company or at one of our training Locations (Düsseldorf, Essen, Berlin, München, Wien)

Prior Know-How: None

Trainer profiles

consistency is an accredited training partner of the certification institute PROVEN AGILE. In addition to each training course, we offer our participants the possibility of a corresponding certification by PROVEN AGILE.

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