Agile Transformation

Target Group

Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Change Manager as well as executives who want to develop and adapt changes towards agile working methods throughout the organisation and foster an agile Transformation.

Training Content

Change dimensions and leveles: Learn about change dimensions (individual, team and organization) as well as change levels (strategy, process and culture)

Agile Transformation: Get to know approaches for transformations towards agile organizations

Vision & goals: Using case studies to develop a vision and derive a transformation backlog

Personality types and personas: Get to know personality types and personas of specific agile roles

Groups in the context of change: Learning to guide team building and growth through group dynamic development phases

Agile forms of organization: Understanding the development and approaches for agile organization forms (What? Why?)

Scaling Scrum: Get an overview of the Scrum scaling methods SAFE, LeSS and Scrum@Scale

Objectives & Key Results: Getting to know OKRs as a methodology for goal focusing in all dimensions

General Information

  Duration: 2 Days

  Capacity: 10 – 14 Participants

  Format: Onsite Training or Online Webinar

Location: At your company site or at one of our training locations (Birmingham, Düsseldorf, Essen, Berlin, München, Wien)

Prior Know-How: Basic know-how Agile values & principles, basic know-how agile methods (e.g. Scrum, KanBan, Design Thinking), Scrum Master Training, experience in change management or change support


consistency is an accredited Training partner of the certification institute PROVEN AGILE. In addition to each Training Course, we offer our participants the possibility of a corresponding certification by PROVEN AGILE.


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