Purpose-driven, Clear objectives


To create a sustainable competitive advantage, companies need a purpose-driven strategy with clear objectives and targets

All industries have been experiencing fast, substantial and sometimes devastating change over the past couple of years, with many products and firms having seen significant disruptions. Additionally, markets are becoming more and more competitive. Therefore, the question is not if but how can companies adapt to this fast-changing world and stay relevant in their respective markets?

consistency supports companies at board level to find solutions and strategies for current and future business challenges. These strategy capabilities include a thorough portfolio analysis, defining growth options, full stage M&A support, re-shaping operating models and structuring large-scale and agile transformation programs. We will help our clients to align their strategy and operating models to stay competitive, relevant and able to grow according to their business plans.

An essential step for achieving these goals is a Strategic Portfolio Analysis; this essentially means to evaluate and decide which options and activities a business should focus on, whether it is related to their ongoing business or new ventures. Smart decisions about resource allocation will help determine the right projects and ultimately define a roadmap for the future.

An efficient way to quickly enlarge your overall business portfolio is Inorganic Growth, whether it is executed through a merger or acquisition, an alliance or a joint venture. consistency will support its clients through all steps of this growth journey: from a thorough market and target screening to due diligence, board decision making and all the way to the execution and successful post-merger integration.

A key response to fast-changing business needs is Agile Strategy Management. Accompanying our clients on their agile journey, from finding the best possible strategy right to implementation, consistency has a strong track record of supporting businesses to stay profitable, innovative and sustainable.

The right business strategy does not only define the long-term goals of the organisation, but it also defines the motivation and purpose behind these goals.

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