Standhaft und vielschichtig trifft Transparenz und Wettbewerbsdruck

For years, the insurance industry benefited from passive customers, an inflexible price trend that was positive for insurers, and long-term contracts. Even the financial crises of the last 20 years could not harm insurers, resulting in a wide range of providers without strong specialisations.
Comparison portals and reduced customer loyalty and brand loyalty are currently presenting the insurance industry with new challenges. Competition from providers from outside the industry is also increasing and the low interest rate policy of the European Central Bank is having a negative impact on the profit on invested reserves.

Due to the changed circumstances, insurers are facing further rounds of savings and rationalisation in their own companies. Lean management approaches help to streamline and simplify processes in order to master the change in the best possible way and ensure consistent results.
Solvency II will bring more stringent regulations to the industry. On the one hand, this leads to an increase in investment regulations, and on the other hand to stricter compliance regulations in the industry, which must be mastered accordingly.




Interest Rate Policy

Challenges of the Insurance Industry


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