Addressing challenges and seizing opportunities

There is often talk of a digital revolution – in analogy to the industrial revolution, which fundamentally changed the entire world of work and people’s lives.

The digital revolution also offers this potential. But a revolution brings with it winners and losers. We must be careful that we do not end up like those who invested their fortunes in horses at the time because they did not believe in the future of the car. We believe that with a proactive and open-minded approach to new technologies, you can bet on the right horse.

In our training sessions, we dispel myths, explain technologies and repeatedly make connections that are relevant to the participants.
We want to offer a retrospective, an insight and above all, we want to encourage people to create their own outlook. What does digitalisation look like in my company?

From the intensive cooperation with our strong partners Puricity and Sparqs in the development of digital business models we always generate valuable and practical content for our digitisation trainings. For the conception of the Digital Awareness Training, we have teamed up with the management consultancy Gradify to raise awareness of digitisation and making the associated interrelationships clearer.

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