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At Consistency's Innovation Lab we transform complex questions into inspirational, human centred futures
Using Design Thinking methods we enable you to rapidly craft ideas that make a difference

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Build Test Learn

Apply Design Thinking methods to generate and validate exciting new ideas & experiences.

Explore the Future

Open the door to new ways of working, effectively manage uncertainty and spark dynamic collaboration.


We know innovation doesn't fit in a box. That is why our workshops can be tailor made to work for you.

Challenge Sprint

Discover | Connect | Decide

1 - 2 days of facilitated discovery, exploration and synthesis will enable you to kickstart any innovation journey. This workshop is perfect if you are looking to discover the right problem to solve, connect with your users and prove the business & customer value of your next big idea.

- Fully managed
- Workshop documentation & summary pack delivered
- Bespoke & remote options available
on request

Design & Innovation Sprint

Build | Test | Learn

4 days of lightning fast, expertly guided innovation. Applying Design Sprint methodology we shortcut the path to new insights by teaming up, building to learn and working directly with customers. If you would like to innovate as quick as Usain Bolt can run the 100m then this is for you!

- Fully managed
- Workshop documentation, prototypes and

interview pack delivered
- Bespoke & remote options available
on request

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The Innovation Cupboard

Read | Listen | Inspire

While you're considering which Sprint to join, why not check out Consistency's brand NEW Innovation Cupboard!

Packed full of treats (and with a lot less crumbs!) it has got all your innovation needs covered. From fascinating podcasts, book reviews and industry case stories to our favourite Agile hacks and tools. *In development

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