Operational excellence, Outperform competitors

Asset Excellence

Asset Excellence is required to outperform competitors and deliver value against a mounting list of operational and capital project challenges

Operational excellence is the systematic management of all the processes to achieve world-class performance. Companies that adhere to operational excellence improve manufacturing processes, asset reliability, and quality of products and services. This results in improved asset utilisation and throughput, increased reliability of equipment and operating in a safe and reliable manner.

Operational excellence in the context of the energy industry goes beyond standard definitions. Because of the large amounts of capital spent in assets, the high value of its raw materials as crude oils, its intermediates and its products, doing things right is a key-value lever in an industry that at the same time is characterised by a high degree of competition and market volatility.

To achieve highly effective energy and chemicals conversion landscapes, cross-industry cooperations are considered. These new set-ups can deliver significant benefits, in the area of energy storage, distribution & infrastructure, manufacturing. Given the very different technology, capabilities, market access, this inevitably results in growing complexity, making operational excellence supported by digital technologies a top priority.

consistency provides solutions and services to help companies managing their assets in an excellent manner. We support our clients to benchmark a portfolio of assets in a way that reflects current and future conditions. We are ready to challenge our customers and support the definition of ambitious initiatives, along with roadmaps that step by step will deliver against targets. We help to master complexities and dependencies, create necessary structure and business cases to drive projects with confidence and compliance.

Our experienced OPEX experts can help to develop a framework that integrates the various principles, systems, processes and KPIs used to best operate within the Energy and Chemicals environment. We also assist in fixing operational challenges through targeted interventions in manufacturing environments. This includes step-change performance improvement and implementation of agile work methods and organisations.

Energy and Chemical capital projects become increasingly more complex, thus exposing the industry to a variety of critical challenges. To plan and execute the capital project stages more thoroughly tools and technologies, procedures and risk & compliance controls must evolve.

Digital integrated planning tools, linking the EPC information with sourcing and service supplier information, allowing the rapid building of 3D models and the constant simulation of work packages to manage the critical path in time and budget.

With our experienced industry team supporting capital projects at all stages, we can help you to evaluate and prepare major investment decisions, analyse project portfolio performance and support project structuring and financing. During the capital project execution phase, we help our clients to coordinate and align multiple parties’ interests, so that projects stay on track. In addition, we have hands-on service experience to track onsite execution progress versus planned activities & milestones, as well as monitor the development of project budgets on aggregated project and workstream level, as well as single equipment level.

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