Petrochemicals and Chemicals

Petrochemical and Special Chemical players need to re-think their long-term strategy whilst taking advantage of new circular technologies and digital optimisation opportunities

The Special Chemicals and Petrochemicals business is an essential part of the global economy and is a major supplier for various other industries such as automotive, health, and pharmaceuticals. While being vital to the wider economy, turmoil has been brought on by a diverse range of disruptions, like the global economic slowdown, net-zero carbon targets, volatile energy and feedstock prices and further. These changes are demanding a shift towards new products, capabilities, and sharpened value propositions from all players in the Chemical field.

Looking ahead to the next decade, it is critical for companies to understand and adjust to the industry’s megatrends: digital technologies, market transparency and ever-advancing cost optimisation. This requires bold action for the Petrochemical industry in the areas of feedstock integration, agile and digital transformation as well as circular economy concepts to keep up with fast-growing emerging markets in regions such as Asia and the Middle East. A fast bottom line, renewed focus on commercial excellence and zero-based budget thinking will pave the way to secure market competitiveness.

These challenges demand swift change from the Petrochemicals and Special Chemicals sector alongside a fundamental cultural shift. This requires new forms of cooperation, lean and agile management to move away from rigid process flows, overcome unnecessary hierarchies and tackle silo thinking.

With an extensive track record of industry expertise, methodological reliability and with trusted implementation competence in classic and agile project management, consistency provides effective, efficient, and reliable solutions. To match the exact needs of our clients, we have a broad and integrated service portfolio. Our differentiated offer focuses on portfolio strategy and growth, operational excellence, supply chain excellence, and overall transformation program support. To match the exact needs of our clients, we have a broad and integrated service offering. We combine our expertise and experience through collaborations with excellent market forecast and leading digital-and technological partners to enable a successful future for our clients

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