How can we support you?

How can we support you?

Agile Management & Scrum

Being agile gives your company the opportunity to quickly deliver the minimum viable product to the market. Customer feedback will be provided early in design and development. Your company delivers what the market really wants and needs. more

Process Management

An excellent process management means a tremendous competitive advantage. Efficiency and high quality of results are not the only challenges. more

Organizational Design

Global trends like outsourcing, shortage of skills, or changes in cultural and social values have a great impact on today's organizations. How well is your business prepared? more

Change and Communications Management

Reorganizations usually have a big impact on people and their routines. A structured change management alongside focused communication is crucial for success. more

Program and Project Management

It is not an easy task to manage projects and daily business at the same time. Our consultants can help you to stay focused on both sides. more

Support Project


Our cooperative project approach is as flexible as your need for support. Hence we always jointly design a project approach that works best for you – with respect to level and duration of support as well as our support team and their competencies. Learn more about our company.


Our consultants have successfully managed and supported numerous projects in different countries and industries. This long-term experience results in the entitlement to deliver high quality work which is not a differentiator of our service but can be taken for granted. Learn more about our company.

Individualized Methodologies

Our approach in designing and conducting projects has been proven in action and is being continuously improved. However, we will jointly develop an approach that best suits your business and specific situation – that way you will benefit from our experience and we will adapt it to your needs in order to reach high quality project results for your company. Learn more about our company.

This is what we have done so far...

This is what we have done so far...

Our consultants have successfully supported numerous projects

Refinery Management System – Design of Administrative Processes and Governance

One of the world's leading oil companies with 10+ big refineries on three continents asked for support since it was lacking a structured governance and process model to organize its global refining management system.

During the project a detailed process model was designed in order to standardize organizational processes such as document control, compliance, and user help desk across refineries and geographies. With the new process model cross site collaboration could be improved significantly with respect to quality and efficiency.

Process Management

Our Services: Process Management

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Cost Cutting and Implementing a Continuous Improvement Program

A regional power and gas utility was facing the challenge to meet cost saving objectives set by group headquarters in different business areas.

With the support of our consultants a continuous improvement program was designed and implemented. Cost savings have been realized even exceeded expectations in some areas. The continuous improvement initiative has been a major part of the company's improvement culture ever since.

Organizational Design, Process Management
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Change Management & Communication

During a major implementation of a new IT solution Consistency supported the client in identifying the impact of the change to 200+ people who were affected in their daily routines.

Based on the results of change impact and stakeholder analysis a structured communication and training plan was designed to significantly help facilitate a smooth transition into the new solution for management and staff.


Organizational Design, Change and Communications Management
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Design and Introduction of Energy Data and Portfolio Management at a Swiss Utilities Company

Standardized and systematically supported processes especially in the fields of metering and portfolio management were implemented successfully meeting all schedule and budget restrictions. Today's process model operates at a much higher performance level, steadiness, and effectiveness.

Process Management, Systems Integration and Requirements Management, Program and Project Management, Change and Communications Management
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Restructuring project at RWE Vertrieb AG: Innovative project management as the road to success

RWE Vertrieb AG, the sales organization of the german utility RWE, implemented the industry CRM solution Cursor EVI in the customer segment B2B. The SCRUM framework was chosen as project management methodology. This helped to deliver the first project goal quickly within time and budget

Systems Integration and Requirements Management, Program and Project Management, Agile Management and Scrum
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