The Next Fuels Retail Metamorphosis: Survey


consistency has published a white paper that discusses current challenges and ways forward for the fuels retail industry. The paper is available for download below. We are aware that the views on the matter vary, depending on geography, business model, or the type of services provided. We invite all members of the fuels retail ecosystem to share their view on our hypotheses. Besides fuels retail organisations, fuels suppliers and logistic are equally relevant as suppliers of equipment, technology services and others. We appreciate any feedback and will create a free report that summarises the outcomes, provided that participation is sufficient.

White Paper
Published in April 2021
11 Pages

The Next Fuels Retail Metamorphosis: White Paper


As many other industries, fuels retail went through boom- and bust phases, thrived, and managed change. Now, petrol stations are challenged by disruptive competitors and technologies. A consolidation of the market and a re-definition of the business model appears inevitable. This paper discusses the need and the limits of creating new sources of revenue. In addition, it also highlights the need for cultural and organisational change to proactively adapt and respond to accelerating changes in market conditions.

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