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Why Scrum and Kanban are not a contradiction?

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Different starting points of KANBAN and SCRUM

Scrum and KANBAN are considered the most widespread agile methods. Organizations often ask themselves the question “Is Scrum or Kanban a better fit for us”? We, at consistency, know the comparisons of advantages and disadvantages of the respective methods only too well. But we say – KANBAN and Scrum are not a contradiction in terms. You do not have to decide right from the beginning whether doing Kanban or Scrum because they start at different levels. While Kanban initially presents the current state of a system in a transparent way, in Scrum essential change measures such as team cuts, role definitions and sprint lengths are expected of teams from the beginning.

The KANBAN implementation can be started from day 1, since an evolutionary approach is followed. This means that with the help of KANBAN we start to present the existing processes transparently and to understand them together with the teams. Our experience shows that the visualization of the actual processes within an organization identifies already first bottlenecks and challenges which are the motivation for change.

Once an initial Kanban system has been set up, the continuous improvement process starts immediately. KANBAN helps to identify process errors and to detect the effects of improvement measures.

Scrum and Kanban – The best of both worlds

Scrum or elements from Scrum can be used to improve implemented KANBAN systems. That is why we at consistency say that Scrum and KANBAN are not contradictory, rather they complement each other and in combination can lead to even greater business success.

If you are interested in more information about KANBAN and Scrum, click here.

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