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  • Travel expense management
  • Invoice processing


Makeesha Eden

I started my professional career in the insurance industry in the USA. During this time I gained lots of experience, knowledge and skills working with company executives, vendors and customers alike. I then moved to Germany with my family and made the decision, that while I am proud of these accomplishments, I now have an opportunity to forge a new career path in an industry which challenges and is yet rewarding. This decision led me to the doorsteps of the consistency family.

As an assistant to the consistency team, I am responsible for expense management, invoicing and administrative support.

Being part of a team that is creative, driven and focused on a common goal keeps me motivated especially in an everchanging environment.

In my leisure time I love spending time with my family, being outside in nature, doing sports, travelling and discovering new places.

“Be happy with what you have, while working for what you want“

Helen Keller