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  • Agile transformation and organisational development
  • Process optimisation in utilities industry retail (UK and Germany)
  • Coaching in agile methods (i.a. Scrum)
  • Strategic harmonisation of IT landscapes (portals, CRM and billing)

Sebastian Lemke

Managing Director UK

I am hundred percent convinced of agility as a work and cooperation model – from an economic as well as from an interpersonal point of view. As a consultant, I focus on efficient implementation in teams and passionately help the people I work with keep or even rediscover joy in what they do.

As a business computer scientist specialist, I contribute dedicated expertise to projects. But more than that, together with my clients, I prepare the strategic direction for the sustainable implementation of agility into the corporate DNA. That way they remain healthy and competitive. As a certified Scrum Master and “Happy-Melly” member, I deal intensively with the integration of new concepts and technologies in everyday life.

I enjoy my free time with sports and good food. In search of creative impulses and space for free-thinking, I have currently moved my residence to Barcelona.

“You shouldn’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out alive.”

Van Wilder – Party Animals